Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sugar Baby

For kitchen creatives and sugar fans, Sugar Baby is a dream come true. With great imagination and ingenuity, Gesine Bullock-Prado has a fun book that is truly unique. The recipes in Sugar Baby are unlike traditional dessert recipes in most cookbooks because they focus on delicious sweets that are cooked at least in part on the stove top. These aren’t really candies and aren’t truly baked goods, but the recipes are delicious with goodies like a Dresdener Stollen, Pumpkin Eclairs, and Pannetone, this book is packed with great flavors. Using a pot and a candy thermometer and lots of enthusiasm, it is possible to make all sorts of fun desserts ranging from Rock Candy to Torrone, and Lemon Curd to G’s Gelee Shots. Bullock-Prado makes dessert fun – and all of these treats are beautifully photographed so that readers have a clear sense of vision as they begin the recipes. Additionally, Sugar Baby features lots of details about cooking with a thermometer and using unique flavors and has inspiring stories with each of the recipes which are arranged based on the desirable temperature for sugar. Sugar Baby is a fun, creative cookbook, not for the faint of heart. While the recipes may take some time, they are unique and don’t require crazy ingredients. This is definitely worth a look!

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