Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Intercept

As a Law and Order fan, I was thrilled when I learned that Dick Wolf would be releasing his first novel. I was not disappointed – I felt like I was reading an episode of Law and Order, but instead of Benson and Stabler, I got Gersten and Fisk – two officers in the NYPD intel-office. With detailed descriptions, quick delivery, and impeccable timing, The Intercept is a perfect read for fans of contemporary suspense. Since 9-11, NYPD has worked hard to avoid terrorist threats, and Fisk is one of the most capable officers. After the raid on the Osama bin Laden compound, Fisk is called in to examine the evidence that was collected and discovers a hidden message suggesting a new plot against America. Before Fisk can begin a full-scale investigation, a terrorist makes an attempt on an international flight, trying to gain access to the pilot’s cabin under threat of a bomb. Surprisingly, however, five passengers leap into save the stewardess who is fighting off the would-be-bomber. Within moments the situation has been handled and Fisk and Gersten have been called into deal with the situation. After interviewing the attempted terrorist and “The Six” who helped to foil his plot, Fisk and Gersten take them back to New York in order to unravel the bigger plot at play. While Gersten runs “The Six” around from talk show to talk show, Fisk is slowly unraveling an even bigger plot against America that could put an entire city in danger. Racing against the clock, the two NYPD officers must work to understand the terrorists still at large as the Fourth of July weekend looms. With suspense and an original plot, this is a true page turner. The energy and fast pace make this contemporary thriller a must-read for Law and Order fans who will love the traditional Dick Wolf style.

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